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Hi, my name is Johan and I wanted to record a short video in English to make you reconsider the way you are learning languages. But first, I’ll speak a little bit about my story about languages learning. As you can hear, I am not English or English is not my mother language ; as you can probably guess, I am French, I am 35 years old and I struggle a lot to become able to speak in English. I studied English at school as every French people do for, I think, ten or maybe twelve years but at the end of my studies, I wasn’t able to speak English at all. It’s really when I started to use real methods or methods that are using a natural approach that I became able to speak English.

I am not speaking perfectly – as you can hear ; I need some time to think, my pronunciation is not perfect but I can use English as a way to communicate with people and I am able to understand nearly everything and to express all of the ideas that I have and to me that’s what languages are about : a way, a tool to communicate. I’ve have exactly the same experience in German: learn it at school, was unable to speak it and it’s when I started to use natural approach that I became able to speak. I will do another video where I explain and speak about my story about learning German.

There is really an easy way to learn a language and to learn this language while having fun and while learning about a lot of different things. Not only about the language but as well about personal development and… I don’t know what you like, but whatever you like, you can use this passion to learn another language. It’s for English but it’s true for all other languages and it’s true to learn French as well. And this natural approach is not something that I invented, it has been here for a lot of years but I revisited it and I used it to teach French since 2011 on this YouTube channel and on my website Français Authentique. This natural approach is very simple. First of all, its main focus is the listening part. You are not learning while reading or while studying books, but you are learning to speak while listening to interesting things. You have to understand at least 70-80% of the things you are listening to and you have to like it. If you don’t like what you are listening to, forget it, it won’t help you to learn the language.

What is very important as well is to repeat, so it means you don’t have to listen to one thing one time and that’s it, you know it forever. You have to listen to it over and over again to make your brain learn it deeply. That’s very important as well; it’s one of the rules of Français Authentique : the repeating part.

You are probably like me. You are a very busy person, a lot of things to do and you say: “Okay! How can I invest additional time in my French leaning?” You don’t have to, you don’t have to. You can use all of these periods of time in your day when your body is busy and your mind is free. For example, when you drive. When you drive to work, you don’t have to think and you cannot do a lot because you are sitting in the car. You can listen to French during this time. And there are a lot a lot of these kinds of time that you can use to learn French.

Something very important in this natural approach is what is named the Kaizen spirit. You don’t try to learn a lot, let’s say every Saturday, you just try to learn a little bit every day. It’s better to study 30 minutes five times a week than studying 5 hours once a week, by example. And this natural approach – I won’t take a lot of time to explain everything – is based on the context. You use the context to understand the word, you listen to different kinds of stories to re-understand and learn the words deeply and, above all, the very interesting part, you are listening to authentic contents. You are not listening to an English who is speaking French, you are learning French with a French, the authentic way. This French is speaking like all the French or all the people who have French as a mother language and it’s very important to listen to this kind of contents.

And that’s what Français Authentique is all about. I am helping people to learn French since 2011, have helped more than 150.000 people in the last years. We have a YouTube channel ; I also have a free course that I recommend you to start with – there is a link below, there is a link… It really depends where you are watching this video, but there is a link and you just have to click on it and to subscribe and you will receive this free course. You really have to choose: ever you continue to learn French the hard way without having fun and without improving your French speaking or you follow Français Authentique and you can start right away to improve your speaking. Just a last point: to understand or to benefit from Français Authentique, you will need to have an intermediate to advanced level in French. If you are a beginner, this method is not for you ; you have to start using something else to then be able to understand the context and to bring French or to improve your French very shortly and while having fun. Can’t wait to help you! Thank you for your trust and see you on the other side in the free course of Français Authentique.

Thank you! Bye bye!